A downloadable Drawing Utility for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a simple, easy to use drawing program. This program is all you need to draw on a your computer. All you need to do is draw and take a screenshot of your finished drawing to save it. You can download this program for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Download and instructions are below.


Drawing Program (LINUX).zip 79 MB
Drawing Program (Windows).zip 80 MB
Drawing Program (MAC OS).zip 4 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Download, unzip, open executable(the ".exe" file)

Mac OS: (Because Mac OS is weird, the download process isn't as straight forward as Windows or Linux) Download, ignore scary Gatekeeper warnings by opening Finder (it is normal because of the packager that I use for Mac OS), navigate to the application, right click, press "open," if prompted press "open" again.

Linux: Download, unzip, start by executing "start.sh"


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white screen forever when I open the app

If you move your cursor to the left side of the screen, it'll open a menu so that you can customize the brush size, saturation, brightness, color, ect.